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HIP Cooking 101: Chef Lead Class size Demonstrations showcasing the ease of Healthy Cooking &Recipes. Comprised of eight segments. Each segment from Green Scene to Italy Rocks to Asia is Healthy for is subdivided into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Munchies. Recipes are drafted for each and are coupled with age appropriate curriculum that adds additional dimension to the learning experience. Chef is assisted by multiple audience volunteers who experience the ease and simplicity of recreating the recipes within the Workshop.

HIP Cooking 102: Hip4Kids/Healthy Cooking Rocks: Chef Lead Demonstration with the addition of work stations where each student assembles his or her own recipes. Cooking mediums are adjusted to be age appropriate 102 Formats are Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist assisted.

HIP Cooking 103: Hip4Kids/Healthy Cooking for the Home/After School; Locations: N.Y.C. Parks, approved after school settings; city housing locations. Format 103 is a three tiered learning approach combined into One Session:
Step I: Online learning tutorial, introduction to Hip4Kids.org and peripheral partners concerned with healthy living.
Step II: Fitness and Activity Segment / Age approropriate.
Step III: Healthy Cooking Segment: Where and how to economically access; How to Safely Handle and How to prepare Healthy International Themed Cuisines.

Events : Large Scale day-long demonstrations of healthy recipes showcasing Hip4Kids longstanding mission of promoting local greenmarkets and local, regional or area farms to promote Eco Consciousness and Local Economy. All Events are Chef Lead and assisted by Hip4Kids Staff Nutritionists and Diabetes educators.

Tradeshows: Staged Scheduled Demos: Large Scale Audience Demos for (est.) 5000 daily attendance; Booth Locations and center stage within Tradeshows and Family Events; Scheduled Demos throughout the day supported by local television and media, co branding with partners through ongoing media and internet exposure.

HIP4KIDS/HIP4MOM: Pre- Natal Programming
Combined Content forms all Cooking Formats with healthy eating planning emphasis for the expectant mother or woman planning a family.Hip4Mom is conducted in English, Spanish and Chinese.

HIP VOCATIONS/ The HIP VOCATIONS Concept has been demonstrated multiple times for The New York State Office of Children and Family Services and their senior most regional directors; HIP VOCATIONS connects teens in need of employment opportunities and incarcerated youth populations with a bridge to learning the basics within the culinary trades as a job placement option.

Lunch Room Rock: School Oriented/Hosted Health Fair with demonstrations on healthy eating and lifestyles. HIP4KIDS Team Chefs work in conjunction with regional school nutritionists and cafeteria staff to change the menu for the day. Children learn the recipe and associated topics with cultural overview/history of menu themes and then sample the recipe of the day in their own lunch room as The HIP4KIDS Team Chefs cook and serve the recipe: The highly successful pilot to this segment was launched at P.S. 163 in Brooklyn May 2009.Currently Hip4Kids is communicating with SchoolFood Partners, The DOE, OCFS and associated P.A.’s, and PTA’s to create a permanent stream of “Lunch Room Rocks” Programming segments.

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