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Hip World Cafe is the newest format available from Hip4Kids Inc. a 501 c (3) educational company founded over a decade ago for the specific purpose of creating solutions to combat childhood obesity and Type II Diabetes.

The solutions we have created over the past 14 years have garnered praise from every corner of the communities we have worked in, from elected official to parent, teacher and child.

Hip4Kids after school pilot with New York City Schools has led to the creation of our new yearly after school program for ESL and CFES participants. It is the most comprehensive after school program we have ever created.

The publication of the “How To Guide” for the course work along with video tutorial will find its home here on www.hip4kids.org for any and every teacher in the country to be able to use.

Platinum Donor $1000
Gold Level Sponsor $500
Silver Level Sponsor $250
After School Friend $100
Friend of Hip4Kids $25
Should you wish to become a sponsor please donate at Donate to Hip4Kids or email  - donations@hip4kids.org

In addition we are also pleased to announce the creation of ART is Hip4Kids
  • Art is Hip4kids will be the unveiling of our online art gallery with special assistance from Henry A.J Ramos, Patrons and Friends of the Arts

View all of Henry A.J. Ramos' work at www.henryramos.com

“Life for children years ago was a lot simpler. Children would play outdoors with their friends in their neighborhoods; they would walk or bike to school and then get home and sit down with their families to dinner and do their homework. Children today do not have those luxuries. Most children take the bus or are driven to school. Many kids do not play outside and do not have gym time. When they get home, instead of playing outside they sit down to the TV or the computer. Many parents work, so they come home to fast food that is filled with preservatives. This fast life has created a society of obese children. Children that do not know what whole foods look like. Have never been exposed to fresh fruits and vegetables and cannot relate to the feeling of being tired from running and playing with friends outdoors in the fresh air all day. HIP4Kids is changing all of that! They are helping to educate children about this obesity epidemic and inspiring them to take their health into their own hands. I applaud HIP4Kids and congratulate them on their efforts. Everyone has to do their part to turn this epidemic around and HIP4Kids is making a difference.”
Former First Lady
Michelle Paige Paterson

Hip4Kids is also proud to announce the addition to our after school programming of Hip4Kids in Motion


If you or your company would like to sponsor the After School Physical Fitness  component of Hip4kids in Motion you can become a Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsor by contacting FitnessisHip4Kids@Hip4Kids.org  

Gold $50,000 | Silver $25,000 | Bronze $10,000
Dr. Oz's trainer and Hip4Kids Friend
Joel Harper has some fitness advice for you!

After School Education is


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